It’s the end of the year and like most companies, 120VC is reflecting on its performance in 2014 and establishing its goals for next year. And… like most companies we have been very focused on our revenue, profit margin and market share against the plan. This morning I was very fortunate to get a wakeup call. An email that not only made my day, but my entire year!

As a company that practices Conscious Capitalism we are always driving programs that build our team members, give back to our community stakeholders, and invest in our client’s success. But as we were evaluating our 2014 successes, we were solely focused on the basics taught to us in business school.

This morning I received an email that caused me to reflect on Our Purpose at 120VC. Simply put, Our Purpose is “to teach the world to build efficiently & cost effectively”. I want to thank Bob Hopper from the bottom of my heart for sending me the following email. Though it is addressed to me, his experience at 120VC was 100% team effort. There is no way a single person, instructor, trainer or CEO could have single handedly made him feel part of our community at 120VC.

Thank you Bob for reminding me that it is through folks like you and programs like our Employment Transition Project Management Training program that we can measure how well we are living Our Purpose. I share Bob’s email as homage to Bob, my team at 120VC and to our community for embracing 120VC and supporting our efforts.

Bob’s Email:

Jason –

This is to express my heartfelt thanks to you and the 120VC team for making it possible for me to receive the 120VC Project Management Training and Certification over the last few months. While earning the certification was originally my goal, I realize now that the greater benefit for me was in the training, mentoring, and interaction by you and the 120VC team.

You, Ken Walker, Scott Whelan, and Jeff Knight were excellent trainers/presenters/facilitators in the 9 weekly sessions, bringing in practical experience, helpful tips, and valuable life-lessons along with the “best practices” training in the 120VC Standard.  But it did not stop there.  I treasured the regular opportunities to be mentored by you, Jim Adams, and Jeff Knight, which helped bridge the theory and practice.  Actually, I never felt like I was simply learning theory, but instead was being equipped with important and valuable tools for project management success.

It is obvious that the 120VC team goes above-and-beyond, just as you do.  I received study help from Talese Pulley and several other staff who regularly gave up their free time to join Talese’s weekly study sessions in order to help me and my classmates prepare for the certification exams and get a handle on the 120VC Standard.  Even the “casual” interactions with 120VC staff were encouraging – exemplified by Karen Brenneman warmly “personalizing” 120VC as its representative at my first-ever PMI Chapter meeting, Rosie Banaban proactively facilitating my program initiation and tracking my progress, and EVP Jake Roig unhesitatingly changing his dinner plans at a recent PMI-LA meeting in order to sit at my table and talk with four members of my extended family who were interested in entering or progressing in the project management field.

My apologies if I left someone out – and I’m sure I did.  I am amazed at how many enthusiastic, capable 120VC staff that I had interactions with, all the way up and down the line, from the CEO to support staff, from the longest-term employees to the latest Project Managers.  All of you made me feel like a welcome member of a community of people who are dedicated to progress and growth on the road to excellence and success.



Bob Hopper

I just spent a week that reinforced one of my core beliefs… when you give sincerely, you get back in volume! I just had the honor of teaching a 5-day class to 31 transitioning Army soldiers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, Washington. These guys were some of the brightest, most educated, and extremely humble students I have ever taught. Their years of service ranged from 4 to 27 and most of them had served both in Iraq and Afghanistan several times. They really went out of their way to make me feel at home on their base and in their world!

During the five days I spent with them we studied, asked questions, planned several projects and laughed a lot! During the course they offered several suggestions to improve the 120VC Standard that will be adopted in version 5 of the Guidebook. In fact, this class developed such a solid understanding of risk assessment and health rating that they pointed out the formula we have in the Guidebook to identify critical path tasks for the purpose of rating project health was… wait for it… WRONG!

I started the 120VC Foundation and went to Washington to teach a free PM class, because I thought it would be a GOOD thing for ME to do. I left with improvements to the 120VC Standard, feeling like part of their family and truly honored to have had the opportunity to learn from them! Each one of these soldiers has spent their entire professional life in the Army and defended our liberty in wartime! The most humbling realization was that transitioning to civilian life requires as much of their COURAGE as serving our country! I want to sincerely thank each of you in my class at JBLM, and everyone serving in our Armed Forces, for your service to this country!

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